Eye Tracking Technology in Neuromarketing

Eye tracking technology is the one method of neuromarketing. In the first place, there are some benefits of using eye-tracking technology in product and package design. One of these, eye tracking technology helps to find the most impressive design for customer. Kukkonen states, eye tracking technology shows the most attractive areas in product and gives information for best design. Eye tracking and computer technology develop, so in the future, package and product designs will more attractive (2008, p.7). As it seen in the example, designers create their designs using concrete information with eye tracking technology. Also, eye tracking technology provides concrete information for marketing activities and outdoor advertising. Kask states, the best package which is determined with eye tracking technology is the marketing hero and post testing of recall in like outdoor advertising (2008, p.2). Eye tracking determine the best packages and products. Also, it help the marketers after package and product design, for example, outdoor advertising. In brief, it can clearly be understood that using eye tracking technology in product and package design is helpful for the best design and marketing strategies.

In addition to eye tracking technology usage in web design, there some benefits for marketer. Primarily, eye tracking technology helps to determine what a viewer looks at on the web page. John cited in the article “Importance of Eye Tracking in Studying Reader’s Behaviors” as stating that “In other words, with the help of sophisticated tools, this wonderful software determines what an internet user looks by the virtue of the movement of eyes looking by at visualizing printed materials, various web pages and applications, user-interface to access the efficiency and user-friendliness of the specific layout of website” (2011). Eye tracking technology helps to increase the usability of website with user-friendliness designs. Moreover, eye tracking technology helps to determine the best page layout for marketing purpose. Robinson states, eye tracking technology can be used in combination with usability testing; they determine the hotspots and dead zones on the web page. Thus, it is helpful for testing web page layouts and creating the best page layouts for marketing purpose (n.d.). Eye tracking technology helps
to clear the dead zones on web pages, so it increases attractiveness of web page. For all these reasons, for creating the most attractive and useful web pages, web site designers must take assistance from eye tracking technology.

Ufuk Balcı


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